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My friend Nia says that when she asks about my day, she’d like a whole story, and then some. So once in a while, in the course of my travels, I’ll write letters to my friend, Nia.

The letters will be random; some will be much longer than others, but they’ll be  honest and mostly care free. I’ll write about what’s happening around me at that time and about the random things on my mind. Sometimes they’ll be reviews but more often they’ll be unstructured. This is the place where I write with no pressure or obligation; where I just get to write. :-)

Letters to Nia – Scenes from Nomad Beach Restaurant, Diani

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Spread the loveTweetNia, So I took a leap and traveled. Solo! To Diani. *** So I’m seated at Nomad ‘s Beach Bar and Restaurant in Diani, with my hair blowing all over my face from the breeze. I’m in the shade, and my face is shining from all the Baobab oil and sunscreen I generously put on.  There’s music playing –...

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