Maiyan Villas Resort in Nanyuki – Hotel Review

Maiyan Villas Nanyuki
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The road that leads to Maiyan Villas, Nanyuki will do little to prepare you for the tranquility that awaits. A section of it will be off road; dusty and a bit bumpy, with dry shrubs and rows of nothingness that will distract you from the hilly views all around. To get to Maiyan Villas, you’ll branch off the Nyeri – Nanyuki road, and take the road that goes past Cedars Mall, for a little over fifteen kilometres. You’ll know for sure when you arrive, because the aura will change; there’ll be a sense of life and a lot more green everywhere – trees, grass and even shrubs.

Maiyan Villas Nanyuki

Maiyan Villas are set on a large property in Nanyuki, with stunning views of Mt Kenya on one end, and hills sprawling out as far as your eyes can see on the other. The property is expansive, in the way that makes you feel free, and not in the way that makes you feel small. The air is crisp and pure, and there’s something about the space that tends to rest your mind and free your soul.

Mt Kenya views from Maiyan Villas Nanyuki

Accommodation in Maiyan Villas Resort

Each villa in Maiyan Resort has a number of en-suite deluxe rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a living room with a dining area. The rooms are large and spacious and open out to balconies from where you can take in the views. The bathrooms adjacent to each room are spacious with modern fittings and double sinks. Larger groups would often take up whole villas, although the rooms can be let out separately. You can choose to make your meals in the Kitchen or dine at the main restaurant during your stay.

Living room at Maiyan Villas Nanyuki

Each of the Villas has a plunge pool and jacuzzi on the rooftop, which is a fantastic place to wind down the afternoon. And, you’d be happy to learn that the plunge pools are now heated – so the excuse that the ‘water is too cold’ doesn’t hold water anymore.

Maiyan villas nanyuki photo

Recreation Activities at Maiyan Villas

There’s plenty of activities to fill up your time within Maiyan Villas Resort.

  • Swimming pool

In addition to the plunge pools on the rooftop of each Villa, there’s an outdoor swimming pool that’s heated (warm), so you can swim or just lounge all year round. There’s a poolside bar so your drinks are just a wave away, and you can listen to music, read a book or really just chill . The pool area faces Mt Kenya and has amazing views to boot, so it’s definitely top on the list of places to hang out while at Maiyan Villas.

Swimming pool at Maiyan Villas Nanyuki
  • Boat Riding

There’s a small man made lake at Maiyan, just a short distance from the swimming pool, with the backdrop of Mt Kenya. You get a free ride on the inflatable boats during your stay (do confirm this on booking). It may not look like much, but from experience, floating gently across the lake, towards the direction of Mt Kenya, and then rowing further back did feel a tad bit magical. It was so calm and serene out there, and it’s a great way to clear your mind.

Man made Lake at Maiyan
  • Outdoor Gym

Maiyan has an outdoor gym next to the basketball court, so you can keep up with your fitness goals. I’m a huge fan of the outdoor gym concept after seeing it come alive in Dakar.

Outdoor Gym at Maiyan
Outdoor gym 2 at Miyan villas nanyuki
  • Basketball & Tennis Court, Football field

You can play basketball, tennis, football, or have you morning or evening jog around these fields.

  • Horse Riding

What better way to explore the expansive property than on a horseback?

Horse riding Maiyan Villas
  • Play area for children

There’s plenty of reasons why children would love Maiyan. In addition to the play area and swimming pool, there are plenty of fields and open spaces for them to run around and just be kids.

Children play area Maiyan Villas

Activities outside Maiyan Villas

Nanyuki is a renowned tourist destination due to its proximity to Mt Kenya and a variety of locations where you can view wildlife. While staying at Maiyan, you can arrange for visits to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, day hikes to Mt Kenya and numerous other forests and conservancies.

Options for Corporates at Maiyan Villas Resort

Maiyan Villas Resort is a great choice for corporates.

You can have team building in the fields, compete on the basket ball or tennis courts and end the day with an evening swim or jog.

There’s a small conference room built on the man made lake where you can have board meetings or arrange for office parties or team dinners.

For more information and bookings, visit Maiyan Villas Resort Website

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